Procedure for delivery

HOME Procedure for delivery

STEP1Meeting for specification

We will make careful arrangements for manufacturing the following processing equipment. We also respond to various needs of customers.

  • Nonwoven fabric
  • film
  • Woven fabric
  • Knittex fabric
  • Tow fiber
  • Glass fiber

STEP2Design development

While repeatedly discussing with customers, we will design concrete industrial machinery. Even if your idea is not sufficiently solidified, we will make concrete suggestions from us and will make further arrangements and develop. We are also motivating to develop electric control systems as well as mechanical design and development.


We manufacture all kinds of equipment including washing process, drying process, dyeing, sourcing & bleaching process, coating and lamination process and all of which work for nonwoven fabric, film, woven fabric, knitted fabric, tow product, glass fiber and so on. We also actively work on the manufacture of equipment for new materials.

STEP4Installation of manufacturing equipment

We dispatch high performance engineers for installation work in everywhere. When dispatching, we will engage in business with responsibility until we acompalish assembly and smooth operation.

STEP5After-sales service

We do services such as inspection, repair, remodeling and so on.
We actively dispatch engineers to overseas for guidance to local workers so that maintenance work, which is said to be difficult even at domestic as well as overseas bases, can be carried out more smoothly. In the maintenance guidance at the site, you can instruct the selection method of expendable parts, replacement work method and setup.